The comprehensive Academic Collaboration Chile Sweden (ACCESS) seminars are the primary activity where academic discussions on mutual challenges are held between researchers from Chile and Sweden. We are proud to announce the challenges that will be discussed during the forum of 2020:


Contemporary Migration

Keywords: Racism, migration, decolonial studies, indigenous studies, whiteness, critical race studies, postcolonial feminism
Contact person and University
Irene Molina//

Urban Inequality

Keywords: Cities, Urban Conflicts, Urban Movements, Housing, Social Justice, Local, Democracy
Contact person and University
Miguel Martinez//

Education for sustainability

Keywords: Education for sustainability, Action learning, Diversity and Inclusion
Contact person and University
Paola Valero//

Cultures, arts, languages and politics for sustainability

Keywords: Critical and creative practises in artistic and culltural production and consumption, Identities/ Subjectivities, Territories, environments, Landscapes, Intertextuality, Interdiscursivity, language usage, Translation
Contact person and University
Henrik Rahm//

Heritage and Museums

Keywords: Conservation and exhibition practices of the past and present, Imaginaries, identities and representations, Collecting, Colonialism, Neo-colonialism and decolonization, New museologies: community museums, participatory museologies, integration of art and science
Contact person and University
Flora Vilches//


Sustainable food production systems

Keywords: Animal and human health, Animal production, Circular bioeconomy, Climate-induced range expansion in animals and plants, Environment, Invasive species, Modelling, Nutrient cycling, Soil ecosystem, Sustainable agricultural, aquaculture and horticulture, production
Contact person and University
Anders Carlsson//

Biodiversity and Forestry

Keywords: Forestry, biodiversity conservation, hotspots of biodiversity, forest plantations, ecosystem services.
Contact person and University
Alvaro Gutierrez//

Renewable Energy

Keywords: Renewable Energy, Sustainability, Nutrient recycling, Waste treatment
Contact person and University
Anna Schnürer//

Sustainable mining

Keywords: Transdisciplinarity, sustainability, development, stakeholder, mining, water resources
Contact person and University
Roger Herbert//



Keywords: Cancer, Health
Contact person and University
Carlos Rovira//


Keywords: Basic neuroscience research, Clinical neuroscience research, Population studies, Aging and culture, Healthcare organization and pathways of care among the elderly
Contact person and University
Per Petersson//

Antibiotic resistance and diagnostics

Keywords: Antimicrobial resistance, multidrug resistant bacteria, epidemiology, incidence, one health
Contact person and University
Jamie Labarca//

If you want to participate in the Academic Forum of 2020, please contact the local ACCESS coordinator at your university to learn more about the nomination process!