Claudia Matus

Associate Professor, Director of Research

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

College of Education

Claudia Matus is the Director of Research and Associate Professor at the College of Education at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. She leads the research group titled BioSocioCultural Inclusion in Education at the Center for Educational Justice. Her research interests include subjectivities and post-representational theories, space/time and movement theories, curriculum theory, and policy. In the last few years she has been publishing in these areas, especially on issues concerning the production of normalcy and difference in schools and universities. She is actually writing her coming edited book, “Ethnography & Policy: Entanglements of Normalcies and Differences in Schools” (Springer, forthcoming) where queer, feminist, and post-representational theories are used to explore on the implications of dominant ways of understanding the division between normal and different subjectivities to reiterate structures of inequality in schools.

Henrik Rahm

Deputy Head of Department, Associate Professor in Scandinavian Languages

Lund University

Centre for Languages and Literature

From Sept 2018 I will cooperate with various stakeholders in a EU project aiming at increasing border commuting by matching 50 foreign-born/second generation Swedes with employers in Denmark. Together with colleagues from Copenhagen University I will investigate the interaction at the working sites, analyzing linguistic, sociological, cultural and professional challenges. Another project (in collaboration with researchers from Business Administration, Lund University) deals with the ritualization of the shareholders’ general meetings of Swedish enterprises, using perspectives from economic anthropology and discourse analysis. The cross-disciplinary team will combine ethnographic observations, interviews and analyses of various texts.

Kemy Oyarzún Vaccaro

Full Professor

Universidad de Chile

Department of Literature, Center for Culture and Gender Studies

Critical Imaginaries and Interseccionality, Cultures, Gender, Race.