Chile and Sweden share several decades of strong ties political and economic, among others. The number of the Chilean community living in Sweden raises up to 54.000 at present. As expected, the mobility and settlement dynamics are diverse and complex. Some of them have returned to Chile, some of them have settled in Sweden, etc. All these dynamics create an interesting transnational landscape that reaches different areas, such as, arts, cultures, and politics. However, the development, challenges, and effects of the articulations among arts, cultures, and politics between Chilean and Swedish communities have been poorly studied. For instance, we know little about the role of arts in the construction of transnational identities; or how contemporary young cultures are produced in terms of economic and political restrictions or possibilities; what are the new biological, social, and cultural constraints for those transnational communities in particular institutions (schools, jails, etc.). All these dynamics offer an interesting context to question issues of inequalities, justice, etc.

It would be interesting to investigate this, possibly in relation to cultural strategies and unique relations between Chile and Sweden, the exchange that takes place between the countries today thanks to the cultural capital of the inhabitants.