Jonatan Valenzuela Saldías

Research Director

Universidad de Chile

Faculty of Law, Department of Procedural Law

I work in the area of ​​legal epistemology, particularly in the criminal process.

Matthias Baier

Head of Department

Lund University

Department of Sociology of Law

I am researcher in sociology of law in general. My research is about citizen participation in public decision making; governance. Right now I am doing surveys about citizen legal culture, comparing the ways citizens relate to social or legal norms in everyday problems and cooperation.

Juan Pablo Luna

Associate Professor

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Institute of Political Science

My areas of interest are the analysis of political party systems and political representation, the political effects of inequality, the state, and the research methodology in political science, with emphasis on the mixed methods approach.

Miguel A. Martínez

Professor of Housing and Urban Sociology

Uppsala University

Institute for Housing and Urban Research (IBF)

My field of study is housing movements in relation to poverty, democratic participation in urban planning and housing policies, and comparisons between Latin America and Europe.